More display. More signals. More usability. More choices.

You said more choice

So, we introduced TWO next-generation scopes, 
built for every engineer, for everyday use

Introducing our new 3 Series MDO and 4 Series MSO oscilloscopes 
to our next-generation portfolio.
Along with our 5 Series and 6 Series MSOs, they come packed 
with everything you would expect from the category leader. And more.

3 Series MDO Oscilloscope

4 Series MSO Oscilloscope

•  Bandwidth from 200 MHz to 1.5 GHz
•  12-bit vertical resolution
•  Up to 6 FlexChannel® inputs provide 
   analog and digital channels
•  Lowest noise level
•  Wide range of serial bus decoding 
   and triggering options
•  New Rail Probes for enhanced power 
   measurements (TPR1000/4000)
• 13.3-inch HD (1920x1080) capacitive 
   touch display
•  Bandwidth from 100 MHz to 1 GHz
•  8-bit vertical resolution
•  Up to 4 inputs with optional 16 digital  
•  Built-in spectrum analyzer available 
   in 1 GHz  or 3 GHz versions
•  Optional AFG, DVM and Counter
•  Support for over 20 serial bus 
• 11.6-inch HD (1920x1080) capacitive
   touch display

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