• Designed for Data Caching
    -  Optimized for cloud storage architectures
    -  Significantly increases server agility and utilization
    -  Accelerates applications across a wide range of cloud workloads

  • Optimized for Storage Efficiency
    -  Reduces data centers need for specialized servers
    -  Increases technician's efficiency and lessens Opex and Capex
    -  Enables squeezing every last bit and byte from data center

  • Outstanding Quality and Reliability
    -  Leading quality and reliability ensure drives availability and data protection
    -  Supports data-at-rest encryption, minimizes likelihood of data breaches

  • Advanced Manageability and Serviceability
    -  Built with NVMe-MI advanced manageability features, allows to remotely 
       monitor, manage and remediate across more device states and streamline
       essential services
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