Intel® Cyclone® 10

FPGAs Device Families

High Bandwidth and Low Cost for
 Smart Connected Systems

Intel Cyclone 10 GX FPGAs

Consist of high-performance and power efficient

20nm low cost FPGAs

Provide 12.5Gbps transceiver-based functions

1.4Gbps LVDS

Up to 72 bit wide DDR3 SDRAM interface at up to


Optimized for high-bandwidth performance and

low-cost applications, such as Machine Vision, Video

Connectivity and Smart Vision Cameras

Intel Cyclone 10 LP FPGAs

High density sea of programmable gates, on-board

resources and general purpose I/Os

,Optimized for low static power such as I/O expansion

sensor fusion, motor/motion control, chip-to-chip

bridging and control

Full production licenses for some of Intel's most 

popular Intellectual Property (IP) cores in the Intel 

FPGA IP Base Suite

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